The Lowell Mill Girls: Truly Striking Women


Because the mill owners were treating the mill girls unfairly, the mill girls went on strike. Their sense of community made them a united front and let them protest againt their low pay and long work days.


Mill girls went on strike
·          Mill girls felt great sense of equality with the mill owners so when mill owners tried to take it away from them, mill girls revolted

·          "Rustic and ungainly though the mill girls were when they first arrived in Lowell and other corporation towns, they brought with them a spirit of independence and a sense of equality with any manthat resisted all attempts to proletarianize them." (Josephson 228)

·          "…when the absolutism of the corporations made itself felt either in a wage-cut of in a new restrictive regulations, they quickly flared up in revolts." (Josephson 228)

Constitution created by Factory Girls Association
·          "When it was announced that the wages were to be cut down, great indignation was felt, and it was decided to strike en masse." (Robinson 51)

·          "…I marched out, and was followed by the others. As I looked back at the long line that followed me, I was more proud than I have ever been since at any success I may have achieved, and more proud then I ever shall be again until my own beloved State gives to its women citizens the right of suffrage." (Robinson 52) 

           Mill girls created Factory Girls' Association, a labor union able to be created because mill girls were very united.

·          Mill girls went on strike because they believed pay cuts and long work days were result of greedy mill owners. Mill owners just trying to take away the women's freedom and flaunt power over mill girls

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